My name is Jampel Yeshey Payldon and I am mostly known as Seryang, from my debut film. I
recently graduated highschool and I’m currently preparing to leave for college. I am very
passionate about acting and I started my acting career when I was seven years old. I’ve played
in seven movies so far with 3 lead films, for which I have won two national film awards; Best
NewComer Female 2016 and Best Child Artist 2018. Even though I’m known for the movies I’ve
played in, I am mostly active as a youth representative and ambassador for various
community/youth based and non-governmental organizations in the country. I do my level best
to use my platform as a public figure to spread awareness about various social issues whether it
be through documentaries, advertisements, panel discussions or youth initiatives by
representing young people and I promote and represent organizations and local businesses I
work with. Some of the main causes I stand for are related to youth, education and
Social Media Link:
Instagram: payldonyeshey
Facebook: Seryang Official