John Wehrheim is a photographer, writer and filmmaker, best known for his work documenting the Himalayan region. He produced two award-winning and highly acclaimed book/movie projects: “Bhutan” and “Taylor Camp.” “Bhutan” won two Emmy Awards for Best History/Culture and Best Music. In the ’70s, John worked for the Sierra Club Bulletin, National Geographic and Time-Life Books. More recently his work has been published by Smithsonian, Honolulu Magazine, Huffington Post, London Daily Mail, Slate, BuzzFeed, Trip, The Sun, and First To Know, and featured in the 50th Anniversary Issue of The Surfer’s Journal. Additional print articles and blogs featuring Wehrheim’s work have been published in England, France, Germany, Spain, Brazil, Japan, Thailand, and have had over 20 million magazine, blog, and social media views.