Kinley Wangchuk is one of the earliest rappers in Bhutan. Besides being a Hip-Hop enthusiast, he is an avid food connoisseur. He hates taking photos of himself but he won’t hesitate a second to devour a mountainous pile on his plate. When Kinley is not bumpin J Cole, Kendrick or Slug from Atmosphere on his headphones he spends his time reading fantasy novels and Mangas. To sharpen his. writing blade, he scribbles every day for half an hour on his scruffy looking notebook with hello kitty stickers. Kinley and his troupe troubadour are notoriously known to work up crowds into a frenzy during live performances. Kinley doesn’t sip a pint of alcohol, but don’t be fooled by his temperance, this man is addicted to the intoxication he receives when he is performing in front of a turnt up crowd.