Namgay studied sociology and global economic development at the National University of Singapore as His Majesty The King of Bhutan’s scholar. She is a former foreign service office, a climate negotiator on the Article 6 of the Paris Agreement and currently works as the Climate Solutions Strategist at the Bhutan Ecological Society. At the Bhutanese Foreign Ministry, Namgay worked on the climate desk, coordinating the government’s policy response to its various international commitments to the environment and climate and would go on to become the country’s youngest negotiator at the COP27. As a Climate Solutions Strategist, Namgay implements community based renewable energy and carbon offsets projects. She also founded the Bhutan Climate Futures Lab project, aimed at imparting climate literacy and policy engagement skills to over 400 Bhutanese youth as well as incubate and fund youth climate projects. For this, she was invited by the World Economic Forum to its Annual Meeting 2023. She was also recognized as a changemaker by the UN Asia Pacific in their 30 for 2030 Network which aims to accelerate progress towards the SDGs through a feminist perspective.