Rolf Hermann, born in Switzerland, writes and performs poetry, stories and spoken word. He studied English and German literatures in Switzerland and the USA, and earned his living as a shepherd in younger years. His work, which has been translated into languages such as Arabic, English, French, Italian, Hungarian, and Ukrainian,  and have been included in various literary magazines and anthologies.  He won the 2019 Literature Prize of the Canton of Bern for his short story collection and received other numerous awards. So far,he has published seven books, various audiobooks as well as four plays. His most recent publications include: In der Nahaufnahme verwildern wir (In Close-Up, We Run to Seed) in 2021, Eine Kuh namens Manhattan (A Cow Called Manhattan) in 2019, and Flüchtiges Zuhause (Ephemeral Home) in 2018. “His work belongs among the most exciting reads in contemporary German-language poetry.” (NZZ)