Sheela Tomy is a novelist and short-story writer from Kerala. She has a MA in Mass communication and Journalism. As a Malayalam short story writer, Sheela rose into prominence with her debut collection Melquiadesnte Pralayapusthakam (‘Melquiades’ Book of Floods’) in 2012. Valli is her debut novel which was awarded renowned Cherukad Award for Malayalam Literature 2021. ‘Valli’ in English was shortlisted for the JCB Award for Literature 2022 and Atta Galatta Banglore Literature Festival Book Prize 2022. ‘Valli’ also bagged O Abdulla translation award 2023. Sheela’s newest work, Aa Nadiyodu Preu Chodikkaruth (Do Not Ask the River Her Name), a novel addressing the struggle of people under siege, is well acclaimed.  Sheela has resided in the Middle East for two decades and has been active in the social circles and Medias, as script writer for radios, lyricist and presenter of literary reviews.