With over 30 lead roles in feature films, Tandin Sonam’s performances have captured hearts and set box office records. Notably, three of his films, “SINGLEM,” “HINGTAM BANGZOE,” and “DHEW SANJA,” continue to hold the record for the highest box office collections to this date. His prowess as an actor earned him recognition and accolades, including an award for his comedic brilliance in the film “Hingtam Bangzoe.” Beyond acting, Tandin enjoys composing songs and singing. Tandin’s journey extends beyond the silver screen; his pursuit of knowledge led him to complete a 5-year LLB from ILS College, Pune, India, and a PGDNL from RIM, Simtokha. His expertise in law is reflected in his role as a bar-certified lawyer, running a private legal firm. He has also directed two feature films, showcasing his versatility as a storyteller. He undertook a reality TV Show with BBS and completed two successful seasons of Palden Drukpa Show.