Tshering Denkar, popularly known as Denkars Getaway is a Bhutanese travel blogger, vlogger, and author of best selling travel book ‘The Tourist Within.’ She holds a Master’s Degree in Tourism Management from Thailand. In the past five years, she has traveled and trekked extensively within the kingdom of Bhutan.
During her numerous treks to Bhutan’s pristine and unexplored mountains, Denkar saw firsthand the impact of global warming on the lives and livelihoods of vulnerable mountain communities. Hence today, she is also a passionate youth climate advocate.

As a content creator with a massive following, Denkar focuses on showcasing unheard stories and remote communities on her social media platforms. So far she has produced and directed several documentaries featuring climate stories screened during COP27 in Egypt. Recently, she has also been featured in a travel series with Hollywood actor Will Smith for NatGeo and Disney Plus.