Tshering Lham Thaye’s first short documentary- “Making Passion Work” was a finalist at Prix Jeunesse International Film Festival. She joined BBS TV as a producer in 2009. She is the creator of the first Bhutanese travel show series “Nazhoen Express Travelogue” and co-created “Music Spotlight” TV series and “Tashi and Sakteng”, winner at the Prix Jeunesse International Film Festival. She also produced and anchored “Her Story” TV series and “Animals of Bhutan” mini series.

Tshering is the recipient of Scholarship for Masters in Fiction Film Production in Europe. She has produced fiction short films in Portugal, Lisbon, Scotland and Tallinn. She is currently a freelance filmmaker at Dhangphu Dhingphu Films. She created a 45 min documentary “Guardians of Himalayan Foothills” and won at the World Trails Film Festival for a Trans Bhutan Trail short.