In this episode, Ms. Gro Holm Rypestol, a teacher, writer, and senior counselor from Norway shares her experience and wisdom with a Special Education teacher at Wangsel Institute for the Deaf, Mr. Tenzin Yonten 

Together, they reminisce Ms. Gro’s beginnings in Muenseling, her fiction book, BUMPA, and her time since the 70s in Khaling working with individuals with disabilities.

Guest Speaker – Ms. Gro was a founding teacher at the Muenselling Institute for the visually impaired and blind which was established long ago back in 1973. She wrote the book BUMPA based on her experience with her students there. She’s an active advocate for persons with disabilities.

Host – Tenzin Yonten works as a Special Educator at Wangsel Institute for the Deaf in Paro and is a passionate advocate for persons with disabilities as well.