In our 7th Episode, we have writer and youth advocate Yangday La in conversation with ​poet ​Seeta Maya Rai​, author of “Seasons and Senses”. She launched her ​debut ​book ​in July 2022. 

Yangday La is a scriptwriter and a passionate youth advocate. She has hosted many shows and programs to promote positive youth narratives and empower young people in Bhutan. 

Seeta Maya Rai is a recent high school graduate who has a deep passion for writing about nature. She brought this passion to life with her latest debut book of poems, Seasons and Senses. Seeta is also one of the recipients of Rabindranath Tagore Memorial Literary Honors 2022 and the author 

They dive into Seeta’s creative process, poetry writing style, ​​favorite writers​, ​and many interesting aspects of her nature inspirations.