Mountain Echoes brought together writers, historians, scholars, photographers, musicians, and filmmakers around the globe – to engage in dialogues of culture, arts, and literature. However, it came to an abrupt halt a decade after it was formed. The Indo-Bhutan initiative was last held in 2019. But is now in a different form – Bhutan Echoes: DrukYul’s Literature Festival. Managed and coordinated by a Bhutanese team, reading books, poetry, and book launch are some of the activities.

Launched in June last year, Bhutan Echoes will be conducted every month to encourage reading, writing, and nurturing storytelling in the country.

“I think overall it’s a celebration of Bhutanese books, literature, art and this platform is really important because we’re really trying to encourage a host of writers, we’re encouraging reading amongst youth,” said Sonam Wangmo Dukpa Jhalani, one of the directors of Bhutan Echoes.

She added poetry recitation and book reading activities would be conducted in local venues throughout the year.

As part of this month’s celebration of Bhutan Echoes, a children’s book titled Just the Way was launched today. The book tells the story about impermanence through the character portrayal of an old man and his grandson.

According to the author, Karma Tsering, through the book, children will be able to accommodate experiences of death and losses.

“After reading the book, the readers, especially children will be able to cope with life’s circumstances such as death and losses and their emotions,” she said.

Karma has also written four other books for children. During the launch of her fifth book, she also displayed her other books.

Meanwhile, Bhutan Echoes will also organize similar programs in other districts as well. It also plans to conduct a hybrid literary festival in April next year which would be joined by international authors and thinkers.