Held annually under royal patronage in Bhutan, Drukyul’s Literature Festival is an open and independent not-for-profit event that celebrates literature and the arts.

With picturesque, cloud-kissed mountains as a backdrop, the first few sessions of Bhutan Echoes’ Drukyul’s Literature Festival, 2023, on Friday paid tribute to the Himalayas.

The Queen Mother, Gyalyum Ashi Dorji Wangmo Wangchuck, who is also the royal patron of the festival, now in its 12th edition and renamed in 2020, spoke about her 2015 book Dochula: A Spiritual Abode in Bhutan, documenting how the Druk Wangyel Complex came to be built. Pointing out that a society without the arts is ‘soul-less,’ she stressed on the importance of sharing stories, on everything from culture to the environment.

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