Many young people have amassed a wealth of experiences by the time they finish college or start their first jobs yet, they often feel that they have nothing to put in their CV. In collaboration with @Wisely Bt, Bhutan Echoes brings you this exclusive workshop to assist driven and ambitious young Bhutanese looking to leap into or further their careers. The 2 hour session will help participants make sense of their educational, professional, and personal experiences so far and teach them how to articulate those achievements for impact. The workshop will also discuss curating a CV/Resume for different jobs as well as introduce participants to Canva for design.

Target Participants

18 – 30 years, current college student/graduate to young professionals

No. of Participants

15 – 20 participants per session

Materials Required

Sign up for free on Canva, existing CV/Resume, pen/pencil, notepads

Registration Closed