“My name is Choki Lhamo and I work as a foreign language teacher in Kanchanapisek Wittayalai school in Thailand. I graduated from Mae Fah Luang University and started to work right after in order to try out something new before I finally return to Bhutan. 

I am a socially inept person and always had difficulty interacting or keeping a rapport going on with someone I just met. As cliché as it sounds,  I found solace in books and dare I even say, met one of my best friends though it. We bonded over Harry Potter books and that was the start of something wonderful. Reading has always felt like a security blanket and I think it started when my father introduced me to my first book, ‘The Invisible Man’ at a young age of 4 or 5. My father is a teacher, so he taught me how to read from the moment I started speaking. This is one of the many ways I connect with him even to this day. I am on the move so I haven’t been able to read physical copies of any book so I have to keep up with ebooks. It wasn’t my thing for a couple of weeks but I have adjusted to it since then. However, nothing can beat the feel of a book as you finish it and put it on display like a prized trophy. 

Although I enjoy rom-com novels every now and then, my preferred genres are mystery and thriller with occasional sprinkling of horror to switch things up. The book “It” by Stephen King was one creepy read. I enjoyed the story but then there were some aspects to it that just felt wrong to even read. The movies that were adapted from this book did a very good job of catering to the likes and dislikes of the people by editing out the sections that would otherwise be considered “too much” for media consumption. I have tried to read some of his other works like Cujo and The Institute and really enjoyed them so I might look into the rest of his books in the future. His style of narrating a story might not be liked by some people but to each to their own.”

A review on Stephen King’s “It” that is known for its whopping page count and multigenerational horror saga, by a horror/thriller buff.