“My name is Jamba Choki Tashi and I am 10 years old. Currently studying in Sersang Primary School and I am going to grade 6. I love to read and some of my favourite Authors are: Rick Riordan, JK Rowling, Jeff Kinney and Rachel Renee Russel.

When I first started reading novels, I was very picky about what I read so it took a lot of convincing to get me into the Percy Jackson series. I was reading Harry Potter that time, so I was set on finishing the
series. But when I got into the Riordan universe, I was surprised at how I started to obsess over it after reading the first book. I kept on reading and finished the series. I am now reading the Heroes of Olympus and am on the last book. The Mark of Athena was one of my favourites since it mostly focused on how the two main characters would feel incomplete without each other.

Summary: The seven half-bloods of the prophecy set off to stop the ancient giants from rising except one. Annabeth Chase is the daughter of the goddess Athena and she alone must track down the Athena Parthenos, retrieve it and bring it back to Argo 2. If not, the Greek and Roman camps will be at war with each other. The entire civilization of the world will collapse. The lives of many demigods lie in the hands of Annabeth. She will have to use her brain and wits but overall, she must face her worst fear and complete the quest that the rest of her siblings had failed.
The book was just right to read; I would recommend this book because it is a very well written novel and is full of thrilling content. It also teaches you a lot about Greek and Roman mythology.”

Sadly for some children, reading is viewed as a boring chore and it’s a difficult task to lure them off the shiny screen and to engage them in reading.

Here is our youngest reader/ a mythology enthusiast reviewing her favorite book.