~A personal journey of an enthusiastic reader and her review on Michelle Obama’s “Becoming”.

“I am Tsheltrim Dema, currently working as Assistant Program Officer under Quality Assurance Division in JDWNRH.

Books have always been a savior personally for an introvert like me. I wasn’t into reading until I met a teacher who paved this finest road for me and many of my friends. Thanks to her for I found a home within the pages. I am not of a consistent reader but I always make time to finish one book a month. I was drawn into Non- fictional books as a child, however, it is gratifying to go through the pages of fictional books. Roald Dahl ( Matilda, James and the Giant Peach, Charlie and the chocolate factory, etc.), J.K Rowling ( Harry Potter series), Enid Blyton ( Famous five series, Hello Mr. Twiddle, etc.), I should say they all helped me escape into the world of fantasy and made my childhood memories worthwhile.

Becoming, a memoir of Michelle Obama describes her personal experiences, her family, how she fulfilled her dream, her relationship, her role as a mother and her stay in the White House.
I found this memoir astounding. An inspirational figure to many of the young women world wide. I hold more respect and admiration for her after reading this book. Despite numerous disadvantages, she is enormously brave to have achieved success.

An eloquent writer who keeps you engrossed throughout, and completely engulfs you into her world. Moreover she shares her insights and wisdom on wide ranges of subjects. I really got to know her beyond her public life and image, and found a person who is just as flawed as any other human being and had her own share of pain and struggle. Through this book, she had shown me that ‘Becoming’ is always a work in progress.”

Excerpt from the book:
“The apparatus of privilege and connection, what seemed like a network of half-hidden ladders and guide ropes that lay suspended overhead ready to connect some but not all of us to the sky.”