Karma Tsering has written five children’s illustrated books – Her stories are rich and real, and also express kindness, curiosity, integrity, mindfulness, and impermanence, moreover, her characters are larger-than-life. 

“Just The Way It Is” – With great warmth and tender illustrations tells the story of a little boy, who loves his grandfather very much. With the help of his parents and heartfelt memories of his grandfather, the little boy processes the profound sadness over his grandfather’s death by learning to appreciate the meaning and beautify of life, and to keep his love alive forever.

“After reading the book, the readers, especially children will be able to cope with life’s circumstances such as death and losses and their emotions,” she said (Kuensel, 2021).

The book launch also featured Mr.Ugyen Dorji from Homebased Illustrator, who crafted beautiful illustrations for Ms.Karma Tsering’s book.

​​Tweleve year old, Ms. Arrisa Tenzin who is currently in grade five performed a beautiful short act, based on impermanence.